Wolters Kluwer
Progetto CMR
Progetto Design & Build
Andrea Segliani

The office studied for
and with the workers

Creating a new efficient, dynamic and above all shared work environment - with and for - everyone: this is the main goal for which Wolters Kluwer, a Dutch company that brings together historic brands of Italian professionals in the publishing business such as CEDAM, IPSOA and Utet Giuridica, has chosen to rely on Progetto CMR for the delicate process of transferring its spaces to the new headquarters in the Business Park of Viale dei Missaglia in Milan.

Sharing with the entire Wolters Kluwer team was one of the fundamental elements of the entire design process, from the concept to the execution phase, which saw the employees personally involved, with the creation of workshops to pinpoint their needs, both regarding the work environment as well as in the daily organization of activities, with particular attention to personal satisfaction and benefits that improve the quality of life.

The direct involvement of
the final users was crucial
in reaching the goal
for an efficient, livable space,
innovative, custom designed
for those who will animate it every day.

360 ° Reconfigurability

Efficiency and flexibility dominate the new premises, qualities typical of new smart working methods. A smart saving of space has also been achieved by creating common tables for consultants, at the entrance of each floor, where they can sit and work while waiting for the meeting.

On the operational floors, for example, an attempt was made to evenly distribute a series of seating areas and meeting rooms that could be set up on several surfaces, with the aim of supporting daily operations. To these are added more informal meeting points, located in different points of the floors, so as to meet the needs of more formal and isolated spaces or places for sharing ideas. On the other hand, for those who need concentration, or privacy for a phone call with a customer, special Focus points have been positioned both in open space, surrounded by sound-absorbing walls, and in closed glass boxes.


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