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Prima Assicurazioni
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Progetto Design & Build
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Prima Assicurazioni

identity color and brand experience

Prima Assicurazioni new offices reflect the vision of a company projected towards the future which in December 2019 was named among the Great Place to Work companies.

The main feeling when you enter the new headquarters of Prima Assicurazioni is a deep sense of belonging. 
The sense of belonging to a strong identity that wants to define the corporate vision with a specific color - purple - which is already know to the most today. But also people's people to a future-oriented company vision that is clear to be shared by all. 

It is no coincidence that Prima Assicurazioni was named in December 2019 among the Best Place to Work in Italy. Young, dynamic, fast and looking to the future: this is the vision of Prima Assicurazioni and the people who work in the new spaces express exactly all these aspects.

The new workspaces represent
in every detail the identity of a company
nominated among the Best Place to Work

From Concept Design to Realization

The new workplaces, entirely designed and realized by Progetto Design & Build, are able to make unique and enhance the identity bond that exists between people, society and the environment. The space in fact, as it was conceived, is the bearer of the same values that the brand wants to convey.

The layout is distributed on a single floor along a ring path that runs around the perimeter of the building that overlook on Piazza Cordusio - today considered as the new economic center of the city. This guarantees a 360 degrees view of the entire neighbourhood. So offices, meeting rooms and support areas, without any hierarchy, enjoy a privileged view in the same way. And the all areas are located on the same floor of one of the most historic and recently renovated buildings in Milan.

The most important element is Color: it gives character to the environments and establishes with strenght the identity of the brand. Prima Assicurazioni has even created an ad hoc Pantone to define its 'purple color'. Furthermore, the color is highlighted by the amusing and distinctive graphic add-ons, displayed both on the floor and on the walls, to underline the rupture from traditional canons that are still associated with the world of insurance.

transparency and visibility
are clearly perceptible
as core brand values

Transparency and visibility are two other important brand values that are specifically perceived in the new spaces. Large windows delimit the different areas and the meeting rooms that alternate with full-on open workstations. People move smart from one environment to another and are free to work in the way they consider appropriate to their needs. Visibility and interconnection are fostered and a fruitful exchange of ideas is created. Whereas privacy and concentration are guaranteed by specific dedicated support areas, perfectly integrated with the rest of the environment.

The socialization zone and the break area are also fully integrated with the rest of the offices, equipped with large tables that can also be used as work-tops and with all the comfort elements necessary for a proper break. You can free your mind in front of a revisited vintage video game or by sitting on a comfortable suspended armchair; but you can also have a healthy snack around the large tables that favor the brainstorming of ideas. Whereas privacy and concentration are guaranteed by specific dedicated support areas, perfectly integrated with the rest of the environment.

Informality and absence of hierarchies seem to be the keywords of an innovative workplace, capable of attracting new talent and leading towards new ways of working.
The new designed space induces people to work in it, suggesting new ways of carrying out work activities but still maintaining the flexibility to adapt to their needs. It is thus an expression of the company itself and of the values it wants to declare.
The space is thus a strategic investment capable of motivating the presence of people in the office and promoting productivity.


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