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Andrea Martiradonna

The physical (and symbolic) value of workspace

It is when leaders and employees alike adopt a creative perspective, that major changes start occurring in the workplace.

This is what takes place in Mach1, a leading company in the insurance sector, which has just moved to its new headquarters within the newly renovated complex of latest generation in Via Bracco in Milan.

The new headquarters, entirely conceived and built by the team of Progetto Design & Build, conveys everything the company wants to represent for its clients: transparency, reliability, resourcefulness and collaboration. And where Corporate culture encourages an environment of openness and serenity, employees feel great as well. 

After all, creativity
is only achieved
by collaborating with others

The new spaces designed and built for Mach1 are the right balance between modernity and elegance, underlining a corporate approach aimed at stimulating creativity, but that is also reliable and concrete.

The operative space is arranged and articulated within the 2200 sqm layout, with a wider distribution of the single workstations and an easier network of transit areas. 

People are now able to move around the entire area without disturbing the work of other collegues and without the risk of creating clutter or blocking fundamental transit areas.

A particular structure of colored vertical metal blades recalls the tones of the company brand. This structure enhances with rhythm and simplicity the entire perimeter of the central space, articulating a path that is pleasing to the eye and in harmony with the more neutral tones of the floor and support areas.

The transparency of the meeting rooms as well as the large corridors foster visibility and encourage occasional meetings which are very important to create a relaxed and serene atmosphere among employees. After all, creativity is only achieved by collaborating with others.

The break areas are completely glazed and characterized by colored graphics that conceal without hiding and recall the colored elements that identify the entire space.

Never as much as today
do our perceptions take on
a fundamental meaning

The new office for Mach1 has been primarily designed to give to its employees an environment in which openness and dynamism prevail over isolation. Where physical distancing is possible but social distancing is not imposed. Therefore, people can feel respected and valued.

In a moment of great change like the one the world is currently undergoing, the value of a well-designed and built workspace goes beyond the mere physical, but assumes a great symbolic importance in emphasizing the sense of belonging, the care of social aspects, creativity and autonomy.

Details of considerable aesthetic value such as the curved windows characterize all the meeting areas, offer a considerably more pleasant visual invitation both to those who walk around the space and to those who occupy the room. This definitely offers a more welcoming and original environment. 

Never as much as today do our perceptions take on a fundamental meaning and the role of environmental psychology must become part of the concept of our living space. In a workplace, the psychological perception of every single person is largely influenced by how that space is designed and furnished.


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