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Andrea Martiradonna

Playing becomes reality

Life is more fun if you play.

(Roald Dahl)


It is one of the most famous Brand in the sweet Industries. If you say Haribo you imediately imagine gummy candies. It is known in every corner of the world with iconic products like the yellow bear, the licorice wheel and the green crocodile.

Haribo has a long history of success and today has 22 Companies worldwide and 17 production plants in Europe. The Italian branch is an excellence of the Group thanks to the quality of the raw materials and the variety of products offered. The success of Haribo Italia has therefore determined the need to create a new Headquarters in the city of Milan that could be the expression of a modern, young and competitive Society.


And Haribo Italia choses Progetto Design & Build to design the new Italian Workplace, from concept to build design. Thanks to the strong synergy between the project team and project management, the new headquarters is completed in record time on the basis of a unique concept design.

Haribo Italia chooses Progetto Design & Build
to take care of the entire project
of its first Headquarters
from concept design to construction



The new design is completely different from what can be called a “classic” type office. It is distinguished by originality and a layout capable of promoting collaboration and interaction between employees, as per specific Client request. Furthermore, every detail is declined to emphasize the distinctive and undeniably recognized aspects of the Brand.


The playful aspects that identify the Brand are translated into special shapes, furnishings and materials, chosen and created exclusively for this office environment.

The specially designed work environment for Haribo Italy, welcomes people from the entrance with soft and rounded shapes, to recall with lightness and irony the softness of the gummy candies.
In the entrance hall, the rounded and corner-free reception desk as well as the bright, colred and rounded poufs arranged around, are just a first example of how different special furnishings are present to characterize the entire space.  Infact, real sculptures that return the shape of the iconic 3D candies are located throughout the office space.


In the large central path, there is a big green plexiglass table in the shape of a crocodile and also special phone booths that look like big liquorice equipped with black wheel-shaped poufs. The main area for informal meetings is made up of custom-made sofas arranged in space to create the shape of the iconic Haribo yellow bear.

The lamps have been created ad hoc to resemble the particular colored candies and reflect the colors of the area in which they are located.

Soft and rounded shapes
recall with lightness and irony
the softness of gummy candies


The lack of sharp corners or lines is also repeated in the break area, which however has softer and more relaxing colors in order to define an area of slack and mitigation for a high-quality break from work.

Colors, graphics and materials accompany all these special organic shapes in order to create a space that evokes the flagship products of the brand in a playful and funny way. A fully Brand oriented design concept that aims to enhance the qualities of a product present on the market for more than 100 years and still known worldwide.

Life is more fun if you play.
(Roald Dahl)

Everything in the new Haribo Italia headquarters is designed to create a unique experience with immersion in a world full of colors and delicious gummy candies.


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