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Contamination, exchange of ideas and a wellness-oriented approach.

Much of one's life is spent in a workplace and what surrounds us ends up becoming part of our everyday perceptions. Light, colors and physical space shape our behavior. The atmosphere we feel at work transmits emotions and energy and is directly consequent to the design of the workspace itself. It is based on these premises, that the design and construction of the new spaces for the Italian headquarters of Kaleyra, an international group specialized in the provision of mobile messaging services for banking institutions and companies of all sizes, was made reality.

Located on the top floors of a recently renovated building in the financial heart of Milan, the new spaces have been designed following the principles of strategic design that looks after the well-being of the people who daily use the offices.

In terms of spaces, the large rooms destined to house the different operating areas have a precise size, accurately studied to accommodate a precise number of people.

Glass walls define the meeting rooms while the support elements for different activities - such as phone booths and top plan - have been inserted to divide the environment by creating a game of solid and voids that gives rhythm to the entire space and guarantees visibility in every situation.

Visibility and connection
in an open space
and where the priority
is given to natural light

a work space that recalls the atmosphere of home to make people feel at ease

In general, the design concept has been defined on a mood capable of restoring an idea of domesticity with the aim of putting workers at ease. In fact, various studies confirm that a positive and motivational atmosphere leads people to be more efficient, not only because they feel more stimulated, but also because they develop a greater sense of belonging to corporate values.

The particular design choices adopted in the colors, materials, textures and pieces of furniture have therefore gone hand in hand with the desire to recreate a comfortable, beautiful and functional work space, but also capable of positively influencing both individual as well as team work. Priority was given to natural light in all spaces, not only to the operating areas, so as to take advantage of the large windows along the entire perimeter of the building. Soundproofed and acoustically isolated elements were used to attenuate the more noisy activities such as calls and meetings, while overall it was preferred to use textile materials capable of cushioning the buzz irremediably generated in a work environment. Finally, the plant engineering design was chosen ad hoc to guarantee an optimal acoustic and microclimate state throughout the workspace.

The choices of colors, materials,
textures and pieces of furniture
went hand in hand with the will
to recreate a space capable of
positively influence work activities

The design of the new spaces for Kaleyra reflects the company's desire to communicate and exchange ideas at all levels.

Right from the entrance, with the welcoming reception perfectly integrated with the rest of the space, the company's open-minded character is perceived, focused on inclusion, exchange of ideas and ready to meet new challenges.

Vegetational elements of various types have been introduced to complete the colored dividing structures that alternate with the particular pieces of furniture chosen precisely because of their distant nature from the classic and typical office furniture. In terms of comfort and well-being, particular importance was also given to light and noise levels.

Casa Kaleyra


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